About Us

Our History with the Homeless

Ed got the “bug” to help those with substance abuse disorders and who are experiencing homelessness from watching the KOMO TV documentary, “Seattle is Dying”. Ed said, “If that works in Providence Rhode Island, why not here?”. Ed went to work learning all he could about opioid and homeless problems in the Puget Sound area, including Kitsap County where he resides with his wife Peg.

Eventually, Ed met two Kitsap County government department heads. They are the “Commission on Children and Youth” Program Coordinator, and the “Housing and Homelessness” Division Manager. Both have a strong desire to help homeless find their way into permanent housing. From them, Ed learned that Kitsap County is planning to establish a Navigation Center to help the homeless in the County. Many citizens are unaware of the many efforts (such as the Navigation Center) to help people experiencing homelessness here. In addition, The Clean Project maintains strong communication channels with the organizations that provide healthcare, other supportive services, and housing. When we learn of new plans from one organization that may affect another, we make sure that information is freely exchanged. 

The three Goals of The Clean Project are:

  1. Keep the citizens of Kitsap County aware of the efforts to help those experiencing homelessness in our county
  2. Stay aware of the most recent efforts of partnered organizations, ensuring they are working effectively together to ultimately move these people into permanent housing
  3. Collect donations for these organizations

Navigation Center planning is temporarily on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The focus now is keeping the Kitsap County homeless population from acquiring and spreading the virus.

Our Founders

Ed Reyman

After graduating with a degree in electronics, Ed began his career troubleshooting and repairing newly assembled electronic instruments. He then moved within the company to writing electronic circuit theory of operation and troubleshooting procedures. Over the years, Ed created and updated commercial manuals for a variety of electronic and mechanical equipment. He helped design several changes to an aging, portable military air traffic control system. While never a member of the military, Ed has done work in support of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. His most identifiable project was writing the very first theory of operation and testing procedure for the stabilization thrusters onboard the International Space Station (then called the Freedom Space Station). These thrusters keep the entire Space Station stable as it circles the earth.

Peg Reyman

Peg spent several decades as a Registered Nurse, during which time she worked in Intensive Care and Critical Care Units, and a Cardiology Clinic. She was also a Home Health Visiting Nurse, and finished her career at one of the most esteemed Hospice organizations in the world. Peg is now a stay-at-home housewife, occasionally caring for our two great granddaughters. She is also involved with our organizational partner, Scarlet Road, helping to combat sex trafficking.

Ed and Peg are transplants to the beautiful Pacific Northwest where they joined other family members who had already made the move.