Welcome to The Clean Project!

We have recently changed our focus to a Shared Housing program where our residents are homeless people, in recovery from substance abuse, and newly released from incarceration. Our focus is centered on recovery. Housing is a necessary component to that recovery. Our greatest joy is when a resident graduates from our program because they have been deemed capable of living entirely on their own, and are productive members of society.

Homelessness can be defined in several ways:

  • Sleeping on sidewalks or in a greenbelt (often inside tents in a group)
  • Sleeping in a car
  • Couch-surfing (living with a rotating group of friends and relatives)
  • Staying in a shelter
  • Residing in public housing

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe and secure living space where recently released homeless prisoners in rehab treatment are able to continue their treatment, eventually graduating to complete sobriety, and living on their own.

The Clean Project:

  • Is breaking the cycle of drug use, crime, incarceration, rehab behind bars, release to homelessness, and back to drug use
  • Facilitates wrap-around services to the people we house
  • Makes it possible for people, businesses, and organizations to donate time and/or money to help us help return people to being productive members of our society
  • Allows citizens and homeless make suggestions – and be heard!! If you have an idea for helping end homelessness and substance abuse in Kitsap County, we want to hear it. We have the ears of many influential organizations in our county. With one email or phone call we can forward your idea to people who can make your idea happen! Send your idea here; info@tcp-kitsap.org
  • Informs the public of current efforts to help homeless people get back on their feet

The first step in eliminating homelessness is to understand some of the underlying causes. Each person experiences homelessness due to their own set of circumstances. These can often include substance abuse disorders, mental health illnesses, and unemployment. Unfortunately, many of our homeless are veterans! Check the Blog, “Restoring An Individual’s Life”.

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